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Welcome To Blow To Burst
Whew! It's been 15 years since Blow to Burst first launched. Those were exciting times for sure. The very first site on the internet that included nothing but Blow to Pops.

As many of you remember, my first site, EB, was a huge hit in the balloon community. We had the most material, most regular updates and most variety. In fact, it still does ;)

In time though, keeping all of our members happy became a Herculean task. For poppers, there were too many non-popping scenes. Non-smokers were turned off by smoking sets. Bum popping fans could never get enough. Blow to pops were not plentiful enough. You get the idea.

In 2003, I decided to launch a few new sites simultaneously; each one catering to a separate crowd. Now people could get exactly what they wanted to see. It worked out beautifully.

This was the birth of BlowToBurst, a site exclusively dedicated to fans of blow to pops. Big balloons, small balloons, gigantic balloons, it has it all. Once in a while, a model has to enlist the help of a pump, usually when a balloon is just too big, or if she is extra-nervous. It's rare, but sometimes that's the only way to make it happen. Typically, most scenes involve a model who is giddy with nervous anticipation, who then wraps her lips around the end of a good-sized balloon, and blows. Everyone enjoys seeing the balloon expand to it's capacity, and beyond. We all know that most balloons can exceed their stated limits with some warm air and slow inflation. Add to that the anticipation and/or apprehension of knowing it will soon EXPLODE, and you have a great blow to pop video clip.

Now, it's time for an overhaul. BlowToBurst has been brought up to date, and now reflects the newest technologies. We are now mobile-friendly, making it easy to enjoy your videos wherever you may be. Trailers are now 60-seconds long, so that you have a better idea of what's inside. Currently, the site has over 70 models, more than 2,000 photos and over 100 video clips. Expect these numbers to grow quickly, as fresh material will be added every all the time! All of your favourite balloon fetish models are inside, and we are scheduling new shoots as I write this.

Welcome back everyone, to the new and improved BlowToBurst.